Dent repairs

The shape of your Porsche is unique. It should remain that way.

Thanks to the panel repair service offered under the Porsche dynamic repair scheme, numerous dents and bumps can be eliminated virtually without a trace and with no damage to paintwork. What’s more, the method we use is compatible with steel as well as aluminum sheeting. Plus it’s also efficient and economical, since there is no need for replacement parts, nor any polishing, leveling or painting! Combining special tools and exceptional handiwork, dents are promptly processed and removed, while preserving all the original structure of your Porsche.

This method is generally suitable for removing damage of up to 50 mm in diameter, although the scope for repair depends on the size and number of dents as well as the deformation depth and the position of the damage. Unfortunately, minor damage on the edges of load-bearing body parts cannot be reformed.