Glass repairs

What can you expect from our windshield repair service? Transparent costing and crystal-clear results.

Damage from stones striking happens in a flash – but imperfect visibility makes save driving impossible. Our glass repair service prevents any risk of existing cracks in the windshield expanding and causing it to break.

Time is crucial here and for this type of repair, a special synthetic resin is applied to the damage spot via a vacuum method after cleaning. We accelerate the hardening process using UV light. This method is generally suitable for repairing stone impacts which are more than 10 cm from the edge and outside the driver’s field of vision. Unfortunately, stone impacts with diameter exceeding 5 mm and cracks longer than 50 mm cannot be repaired and in this case, we replace the windshield to ensure your safety is assured, however fast you drive.

We would be happy to explain more about which types of stone impact are feasible to repair, subject to technical and legal constraints. Moreover, we’re also happy to assist in settling with your insurance company.